Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Shapeshifter VS Shapechanger

I understand that most people view these as being the same thing, but I have put a lot of thought into the differences between the two. In point of fact, I have wanted to change shape since I was in my early teens and my eldest sister handed me a syfy/fantasy book with a shapechanger in it. Being that I am now two years away from my sixtieth year that is a fairly long time to consider the subject even with large gaps where I thought about many other this.

Recently there have been many movies and books with Werewolves being the main characters. Some stick to the belief that Werewolves must be bitten by another Were in order to shift into wolf form (or partial wolf form) on nights of the full moon. Another, very popular series shows the shifting as being inherited and can be done at will. Either way the shift only allows for the human form and one other, whether that be in the form of a wolf or bear or whatever the virus allows. The Native Americans called this Skinwalking, and incorporate into that belief the fact skinwalkers aquire the ability either by being bitten or through dark shamanism. Again, either way there is only the one shape besides human. To me, that is Shapeshifting.

There are also stories and movies lately with Shapechangers in them, but not nearly as many. Shapechangers are not limited to just one form beyond human, but can change into any creature (large or small) they wish, although inanimate objects are harder to achieve, this can also be done with practice. This is done, not through a virus, but through the DNA. It is an ability people are born with, although not everyone can activate that change. Many of the dragons of old were shapechangers and came among Mankind as teachers and friends, unlike their Creature born cousins the fire breathing dragons, both of which had to either hide or flee the Earth when Mankind turned against them. Yes, I know I write that as if it were true, and who knows, maybe it is and perhaps you, yourself, have a bit of shapechanger dragon blood within you.

In my book Annie's Trail there are shapechangers, more and more each generation upon the planet Vardes due to the mutations occurring in the DNA of the humans who colonized the world. On that world some are born instinctively knowing how to change their shapes, while others find the ability when they are faced with intense emotions. Either way, they are changers, not shifters, because the virus which caused the Weres of our legends (?) never migrated with them to this new and very much aware planet.

Anyway... those are my thoughts about the differences between "shifting" and "changing". I'd love to hear other opinions on the subject if you choose to give me some :) hugs and thanks for taking the time to read this :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Silent Mind

When people tell me they don't hear spirit, nor Angels, nor even their own thoughts within their mind I have a hard time understanding because I have ALWAYS had a mind so full of thoughts I never knew what a silent mind was until 1993 when I nearly 39 years old.

That occurred after my first hypnotherapy session. When the therapist was counting me down, starting at 10, she never got past 5 because a nasty snarl was issuing out of my mouth. I had asked to remember what happened before we began so when that snarl built up, at first silently, I was sitting on the right side of my brain listening and knew for a certainty that I was not the one snarling. Before the lady could say 4 I forced myself near enough to the surface to give warning but she already knew what was going on.

She called upon Saint Michael and all his legions as she wrapped them in nets of white light and began pulling and twisting in her attempt to remove the growler and others which were clinging to me. This took nearly two hours of work, but finally she sent the growler into a bottomless pit "to remain for eternity". I was told that I levitated, flipping from one end of the couch to the other and at one point with my head laying on her lap staring up at her with rage; well, the growler did anyway. She also told me my eyes had dilated to their fullest extent and all she saw were the whites of my eyes and the deep dark of their interiors.

I was black and blue and sore from head to foot when I left her office, but I felt lighter and brighter than I could ever remember feeling before, even in childhood. Over the next several hours I had not a thought in my head. Silence. Beautiful silence abounded, but slowly what had been suppressed by the growler and its companions began to surface and so those too needed dealt with.

And so we come to the end of another blog entry :) how am I doing? any comments or questions? Hugs and bye for now

Monday, June 11, 2012

Reasons for Blogging?

I’m having a hard time learning how to blog.  I should say that I'm having a hard time learning how to write something I hope others might find interesting enough take the time to read. I’m trying to wrap my head around the fact blogs are very important in introducing someone to the world. But that is only if they write anything worth reading or viewing.

There is also the fact hundreds of thousands of blogs are written every day, many of them amazing and so well known.... Hmm, this is interesting as I write and edit my words. There is a lot of negativity in what I have already written, such as "I could never compete with them considering whatever I might toss out into the world." That seems to be shooting myself in the foot (or mouth) before I even begin.

I understand part of that comes from the fact I have lived near the Great Lakes in the USA all of my life but for three short trips in my life (not counting my childhood trips to Kentucky which were to see family. "What might I know, or at least ramble on about, which might grab readers?" See, that also came from my first draft, completely ignoring the fact I love the book I have written (Annie's Trail) and believe it is worth pushing beyond my comfort zone. "I’m not sure there is anything I might say worth reading, but I need to try." As a writer, I need to show people I’m a decent enough writer to read. I hope to show them they can trust me with the time it takes to read a book. That is a large investment in time, and again with much competition.

This is my challenge as a blogger, to put myself out there into the world, to expand my horizons beyond home. I need to show myself worthy of people’s time and interest. So what is interesting about me? Well, I am one of the many people in this world who hears voices. Are they a product of my imagination or real? The Government says they aren't real. But many who have received spiritual readings and/or cleansings from me believe it is real and they too have felt or seen the Angels and spirits who help me in that cleansing work or they recognize a relative or friend in my descriptions of spirits I see near them.

This is also the source of much of my writing. Some of the stories come from dreams or from... perhaps they come from the Akashic Record, the River of Time. They might also come from other sources such as the Collective Unconscious of the Human Race. I believe there are many books in this world written from all those sources. And about the voices... it's like I told the psychiatrist who diagnosed me for the Gov't (and I was honest) when he asked about the voices, "I got rid of the bad voices years ago, cleansing them, but the good voices don't do a damn thing for me when it came to a job." Well, that was the truth then and even though (like most people) sometimes the negativity creeps in, and I can trip and fall, I always get back up.

The voices also helped me write the first draft of Annie's Trail in less than a month (May 2010) so I must take the time to say "Thank you," to all who helped. I am truly grateful.

Okay... I think that's enough for today's blog. I hope it was worth your time and too, I hope you  spend a bit of time to give me feedback. Who would like to hear more about the voices in my head and what I've experienced with them? If so, or if no, please let me know below. Thanks.