Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Silent Mind

When people tell me they don't hear spirit, nor Angels, nor even their own thoughts within their mind I have a hard time understanding because I have ALWAYS had a mind so full of thoughts I never knew what a silent mind was until 1993 when I nearly 39 years old.

That occurred after my first hypnotherapy session. When the therapist was counting me down, starting at 10, she never got past 5 because a nasty snarl was issuing out of my mouth. I had asked to remember what happened before we began so when that snarl built up, at first silently, I was sitting on the right side of my brain listening and knew for a certainty that I was not the one snarling. Before the lady could say 4 I forced myself near enough to the surface to give warning but she already knew what was going on.

She called upon Saint Michael and all his legions as she wrapped them in nets of white light and began pulling and twisting in her attempt to remove the growler and others which were clinging to me. This took nearly two hours of work, but finally she sent the growler into a bottomless pit "to remain for eternity". I was told that I levitated, flipping from one end of the couch to the other and at one point with my head laying on her lap staring up at her with rage; well, the growler did anyway. She also told me my eyes had dilated to their fullest extent and all she saw were the whites of my eyes and the deep dark of their interiors.

I was black and blue and sore from head to foot when I left her office, but I felt lighter and brighter than I could ever remember feeling before, even in childhood. Over the next several hours I had not a thought in my head. Silence. Beautiful silence abounded, but slowly what had been suppressed by the growler and its companions began to surface and so those too needed dealt with.

And so we come to the end of another blog entry :) how am I doing? any comments or questions? Hugs and bye for now

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